About Me

My journey towards a career as a certified holistic health and wellness coach began with a health crisis.

I literally was killing myself by eating processed foods and eating at fast food restaurants three to four times a week.  At the time I felt okay and had lived like this for eight years before it all blew up in my face.

In 2012 my sister and I had taken my mom to see "Riverdance" perform at the Sudbury arena in Northern Ontario, Canada. Before the show began, I ordered a popcorn with double butter. As I walked back to my seat I noticed the butter oozing out from the bag.  I didn't like that but had to eat it - after all I just paid for it!

Half-way through the performance, I couldn't eat anymore and threw out the rest.  I didn't feel good for the rest of the evening and went to bed feeling nauseous.  At about 3:30 in the morning the nausea woke me up.  I threw up felt better and went back to bed.

In the morning - I could not eat anything.  For the next six months, I could not eat anything but some fruits and raw vegetables - even cooked vegetables were hard to swallow.  I couldn't eat any cooked foods what-so-ever.  No boiled eggs, no meat.  One bite and that would be enough to make me nauseous and with pain.

I had all the tests imaginable and still the doctors never found out what was wrong with me. Because I was mainly eating fruits, I became anxious due to my diabetes so I asked the doctor what I should do.  He didn't know. He just told me to continue doing what I was doing....he had no answer for me.

I literally felt that I was dying.  I even got prepared for the inevitable by getting my life in order.

Well I lost 40 pounds in just two months so that's when I decided to take life into my own hands.  I read everything I could on different diets and decided to stay on the Raw Diet.  But because I was still not eating properly and feeling better, I began to eat unhealthy again and gained back 20 pounds.  

Until I started with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  
Slowly I began to be aware of the nutrients that was missing in my diet and foods that I needed to eliminate, along with the imbalance in Primary Foods; relationships, exercise, career and spirituality.

So now I think of my life as unique and precious.  I have the talent and strength to positively change the world and make it a better place.  I know that I will have a healthy and happy life, and a wonderful career helping others with their weight-loss and digestive issues.

Hi, I'm Liette Leduc, I am a Certified Health Coach.
I was put on this planet to help people reconnect with their health and inspire them to figure out issues dealing with weight-loss and their digestive issues.  My clients are women over 45, who when they start with me are almost all where I once was - unmotivated and unhealthy but desperate to make a change.  And that's where I come in.  I'll never make you count calories, throw up at an exercise session or bully you into something that is uncomfortable.  I will support you, hold you accountable and get you back on track to where you want to be.

So that's me, totally nuts about nutrition, health and wellbeing, and helping awesome women like you succeed with their health challenges, learn to love their lives NOW and to FEEL good in their own body.

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

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